Computing devices for traveling

Today the market offers a great variety of computing devices characterized by different prices and characteristics. Yet all of them can be taken on a trip quite safely. Such computers can be divided into the following types:


  1. ‘Netbooks’. The device type itself isn’t even produced anymore. Now it’s just a name for small laptops with a screen diagonal of no more than 12 inches and a processor sufficient for working with documents. Running serious software for graphic design tasks on such a device is problematic. But limitations such as the price, size and weight often drag you into this category when choosing a device for traveling.
  2. Cheap laptops. The average price of such devices is $400+, thus many people do not hesitate to buy such products in the hope of a long service. But often hopes stay hopes, because of some cheap parts or outdated equipment. Working with such devices is more comfortable because of the larger screen, but the weight – 6+ lbs without the charger – means that it is worth looking for something more suitable for a long journey.
  3. Tablets. Lighter in weight, yet sufficiently powerful, these devices can cope with the task of entertaining you. Of course, posting some vacation photos and chatting with friends using a tablet is totally easy. Holding an online meeting will be problematic. The lack of a full keyboard and the price of high-end models can make you think about choosing some other device.
  4. Ultrabooks. Due to the small weight they are quite suitable for traveling. But the price of such devices starts around $900, which has an extremely negative impact on the desire to risk damaging such a thing on the road. Moreover, ultrabooks are very fragile and it is worth buying some additional accessories capable of protecting the body of the device from accidental damage.
  5. Laptops. With the right model choice and realistic setting of tasks, various models of laptops can serve you well on a trip. The latest generations allow you to engage in photo and video editing, watch movies in 4K, and edit documentation without any problems on the horizon. Their powerful batteries allow you to move freely for a long time.


So, for traveling it is better to stop your choice on the right laptop. Yet the vast lineups and numerous important characteristics to think about make your choice a bit tough nonetheless.

Technical characteristics of a laptop for traveling

Traveling requires free movement for a long period of time with serious distances covered in this process. Therefore, the following technical characteristics are relevant for laptops chosen as your company:


  • Long runtime without recharging. On average, any laptop with a good battery should work effortlessly in autonomous mode for 6-12 hours.
  • Light weight. Carrying around extra 12 lbs is inconvenient, so it is better to pay attention to models with a lighter weight. In addition to the laptop itself, consider the weight of the parts included in the kit. There were cases when the device weighed only 5 lbs, but its power adapter was adding about 3 lbs on top of it.
  • Power. The ability to work smoothly and efficiently is a matter of paramount importance when you get to your laptop on the road. And if we take into account that there can be multiple tasks, the performance of the device for traveling should be on a high level.
  • Price. A laptop from the average price category, but with acceptable performance is much better than any novelties. This is due to the fact that some new models can cause a lot of problems for the average user. Don’t waste time on getting acquainted with the device while you travel – there will be other things to spend it on.
  • Quality. The road requires careful attention to such equipment, so when choosing a laptop, the quality of workmanship should be one of the most important factors for you to keep in mind. A flimsy case, a shaky touchpad, an unstable keyboard are not the best signs for a laptop, especially on a trip.


The specifications for a laptop should be based on your needs. If you have to work with video or photo materials, then in addition to a powerful processor, large screen and sufficient graphics functionality, the laptop should have a RAM capable of withstanding heavy loads. Conversely, if the laptop is required only to edit documents or write articles, it is quite possible to do with modest technical parameters.


Based on the requirements listed above – taking into account the feedback from current users – you can select the most suitable model. Don’t forget about the price/quality ratio, though. It is a factor like no other in our time. Also, make sure you have contact info of some expert technicians like the team in case your device starts malfunctioning. After all, the main thing is to have it in good working order at all times.